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Hawa is not just a name – it is Eve in Arabic. Eve like Eefje. And Eve because of the paradise we live in and there is a secret story behind the name.
Hawa’s family is growing every day. The oldest member of the family is Bouwa, an African grey parrot. Then there are the fluffy siblings Helge, Niko and Lady. A bit later we welcomed Amine to our family. Amine was found in the middle of the night crying for help. The same for little Malcolm, the latest addition to the family. Amine is now adopted out by the French ambassador in Jordan so we welcomed a new little boy named Alex. We also home for Mr. Edwards and their mother Sammy who is also the mum of Helge, Niko, Lady & Alex.
Our garden is home to more family members: the bunny rabbits Amir & Amira, ducks Lizzy, Timmy & Marijke and a bunch of chickens plus a rather loud rooster make our family complete.
We hope to welcome you soon in our lovely Guest House!