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Gems in Jordan

What shouldn’t you miss while staying in Jordan? Hawa’s favorites:
1. The desert of Wadi Rum
It is so quiet you can hear your own heart beat. Sleep underneath the stars, drive through the red sand in a jeep and ride a camel. Don’t miss this gem in southern Jordan!¬†Would you like to sleep in a bedouin camp? We advise you to visit Atayek Hamad, a great host, cook and guide!
2. The colorful fish of the Red Sea
Go snorkeling or scuba diving in the Red Sea. Book yourself a room in a divers village at the South Beach of Aqaba and enjoy the wind, the blue water and find Nemo!
3. Climbing up the river of Wadi Mujib
Looking for some adventure? Drive to Wadi Mujib near the Dead Sea and climb up the river through Wadi Mujib. Check Wild Jordan for more info.
4. Floating in the Dead Sea
It’s a strange but cool experience to float in the Dead Sea. Because the water is so full of minerals you do need a shower to wash off. This means you do need to visit a resort or hotel along the strip of the Dead Sea. We recommend either the Marriott Hotel or OH Resort. It is expensive but worth it!
5. The green oasis of Ayoun
Most people skip this beautiful region while traveling through Jordan. Which is an absolute shame! The north of Jordan is hilly and green. Visit the forrest of Dibbeen and Ayoun, walk through the mountains around Rasoun and meet the local woman who make soap and cookies. Or what about abseiling while having a great view over the valley? It’s all possible in northern Jordan. See¬†and Wild Jordan for more info.
And of course you might want to visit the castle of Kerak, Petra, Dana Nature Reserve, the desert castles in the east, Azraq wetland reserve, the mosaics in Madaba, the souq in Amman, the Roman city of Umm Qais, the Jordan Museum in Amman, Mount Nebo and all other gems Jordan has to offer.