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Where to find us?

Hawa Guest House is located in Jabal Weibdeh, Amman, on Abdulmun’em Samarah Street 7. Jabal Weibdeh is an old neighborhood build on a mountain (jabal). The Guest House is just a stone’s throw away from Paris Circle (douar Baris) which is the center of Jabal Weibdeh. Our green door can be found opposite of the emergency entrance of Luzmilla Hospital.
In Jordan we don’t use addresses nor can people read maps. When coming by rental car we strongly advise you to rent a GPS or buy a sim card as we cannot assist you when you’re lost. If using GPS please use the following coordinates: 31.955412, 35.930014
Coming by taxi? Tell your driver to drop you off at Luzmilla Hospital (mustashfa Luzmilla), Hawa Guest House is located opposite of this small hospital. Coming from dowmtown you can take a white service taxi. You’ll find them waiting next to Hashem, the famous falafel place. The service taxi will leave once it’s full. From downtown it’s only 2 minutes up the hill to Luzmilla Hospital. This trip cost you 280 fils per person.

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