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Jabal Weibdeh

Jabal Weibdeh, the mountain of Weibdeh, is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amman. Just 100 meters from our house you’ll found Darat al Funun, an amazing art gallery with a huge garden. The garden is home to some roman leftovers, an indication that people where living on this mountain back in the 8th century.
Weibdeh is a literati dream. It is a place where novels are made and paintings are brushed, a mountain where ideas race through the mind. Many of Jordan’s leading novelists, poets, critics and intellectual aficionados either lived in Weibdeh or passed through it at one time or another.
Its alleyways, narrow streets and tight corners give Weibdeh a cultural and artistic feel. The many galleries, art centers and small caf├ęs are packed with local and international artists who meet, exchange and work together. This is what makes Weibdeh stands out from the rest. It’s truly an exceptional neighborhood in busy and crowded Amman.